City of Blood

The City of Blood is one of 20 city-states that hold the surviving human race. It is one of three city-states ruled by the Godiva Corporation, one of the seven corporations that rule the world and one of the most powerful. The city was created after the Great War 190 years previously and has grown exponentially since then as technology has recovered and its population tripled after the end of the War of Thorns 100 years before. It is a place of corruption and poverty and blood and murder where the police are just as likely to kill you as the criminals. Most of its population reside in poverty as the wealthy elite hold onto their power with covetous hands.


In the west side of the city is home to West Haven where the city’s hospital, police headquarters and most of the city municipal offices are located. Crime is minimal as the police presence is heavy to protect the lifeblood of the city and its profit centers.


Opposite West Haven is Shadow’s End where much of the middle and merchant class lives and has a large population of Three Fold Goddess believers, remnants of the War of Thorns. The crime rate is moderate to low as it boasts a gang of women, the Daughters of the Moon, worshipers of the Goddess who patrol the area. The police stay out of the area to avoid tensions with these women as do other gangs of the city.


In the north of the city is The Downs, where much of the poor live in ramshackle apartments and homeless in lean-tos. It is high in drug trafficking and gangs and crime and rarely sees a police presence. Murder rate is high and has very little in business besides small corner stores that sell more liquor than anything else.


In the city’s northeast next to The Downs is The Bricks where most of the bars and clubs are located. From high end places with a lot of corporate security to the low end bars with no security exist. Crime or police presence vary depending on the clientele of the club or bar. Most of the city’s prostitution and drug trafficking happens here.


In the northwest of the city is Angel Hills where many of the upper middle class to upper class live, as well as a lot of corporate management and higher end police and drug dealers live. Crime is almost non existent due to corporation security and police presence.


In the south of the city is Demon’s Cove where many of the merchants and retailers exist and holds most of the stores that cater to upper middle class down to lower middle class reside as well as many of the restaurants. It is also where the docks are located, the city’s shipping center. Crime is mostly low as the presence of police is moderate though some crime and prostitution does exist.


In the center of the city is Gold Town where resides the corporate offices of the Godiva Corporation and its subsidiary corporation that actually runs the city, the Loki Corporation as well as the high end stores and restaurants that cater to the city’s wealthy. The crime rate is extremely low.