World History

In the year 2121 it started. The world was one world order. Countries still had separate leaders but they all were just puppets to the 7 major corporations which owned everything and the few billionaires controlling them. A mere 5 percent of the population controlled 98 percent of the wealth while over 65 percent of the population lived in abject poverty. The Great War began with one populace in Eastern Europe rising up in peaceful protest. They were massacred. No matter the spin the paid-for media tried to use to defend the action, the people had long ago stopped believing them. The result was a mass conflagration across the globe. The people had had enough and they rose to fight their oppressors. The devastation was horrific. Nuclear weapons were used but after 20 years of blood and corpses the governments of all countries in the world had been overthrown when, in the last couple years of the war’s existence, the corporations that had started it all switched sides and helped the people to finally claim victory.

But the fervor and hatred for the Corporations that had been building in the people for decades was not fully spent. They went on to destroy every manufacturing warehouse and company that created weapons of mass destruction. From tanks to missiles to firearms to fighter jets to naval destroyers; they didn’t stop until all were smoldering heaps. Every scientist or person with knowledge to create them had been hunted down and murdered; their universities made crumbling ruins. The people would never again tolerate weapons that could kill them in their millions. Most of the world was left as cesspools of unlivable wasteland. What remained were 20 or so City States in what was once Europe and 20 in what used to be the United States, each their own country, each owned by one of the original 7 Corporations. Proving that in the end, sheep were sheep.

For 50 years people recovered and survived, even though technology had been turned back a 1000 years from the Great War. But the balance of power still left many without hope. In the City States of Europe, a new religion arose in worship of the Threefold Goddess. Its believers were mostly women who blamed all the problems of the world on men and saw the Corporations for what they were and that the evil still drew breath. Their solution was simple. It was time for women to rule, for men to serve, and these Corporations to finally be overthrown. It started small but as word spread even men looking for a new belief, looking for Mothers to make everything alright, joined them and within 10 years an army led by women had taken most of the European City States and murdered the corporate leaders of those cities.

The heads of the Corporations retreated to their City States in the U.S. and in a stroke of genius found a way to fight back. They made it a religious crusade, painted this new belief as trying to destroy the Christian way of life. That God was a man, not a woman. They stirred an army of zealots who shaved their heads and wore crowns of thorns. This war was fought with blades; face to face, blood to blood as no longer were there guns, tanks, or fighter jets. The war lasted 40 years and was called The War of Thorns. In the end The Three Fold Goddess and her warriors were put down and scattered, its leaders gone to hiding. The European City States were left in smouldering ruins and the remaining people from both sides migrated to the U.S., the only remaining civilizations left on Earth. The Corporations once again grew and took power.

100 years have passed since The War of Thorns and the story has come back to where it began, most living in poverty and being controlled by a small group of wealthy sadists. Technology has grown and with it, the media is again being used to keep people mindless and confused. The City of Blood is a beginning of what could be an end, where one man seeks change but must first walk through a gauntlet of fire and blood.


The world is under the control of seven corporations which control the economy and media, its shareholders controlling 98% of the world’s wealth. A peaceful protest in eastern Europe turns into a massacre which becomes known as the Purging of the Peaceful; so-called because it begins an uprising that envelops the world.

Beseiged governments begin using nuclear weapons, turning massive sections of land uninhabitable.

Corporation forces suddenly switch sides and turn against the “corrupt governments” of the world and aid in the people’s uprising.

With control

Worshipers of the Three Fold Goddess begin uprising in Europe

Europe under control of 3FG followers, corps fallback to US and turn into religious war, create army of male christian zealots, contest becomes War of Thorns.

corp-backed zealots disperse last of 3FG followers, European city-states destroyed, people migrate to US, (in the following years) corp power grows again.

Corp power as great as ever, most living in poverty and controlled by media/economy/addiction